“I want to thank you for the wonderful gift you have given the world” – Roy Corders

Hyperscore is software that empowers anyone to compose music! Traditional music notation is abstract and requires years of study to master. It’s an ingenious system, but unfortunately it also keeps millions of people from expressing themselves musically. Hyperscore was invented by highly skilled musicians, designers and software engineers at the M.I.T. Media Lab. They wanted to develop a computer-based visual language that conveyed the “ingredients” for music in a more intuitive way.

Now tested by thousands of children and adults around the world, Hyperscore sets free musical creativity. People who never thought of themselves as composers before have written wonderful pieces. Here’s a video introduction to how Hyperscore works.


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  1. You must be SO proud of your self… After ALAN Alda and the USA program PBS gave you what has to be the best advertisement possible, as well as endorsements, using AMERICAN tax dollars to ‘sponsor’ your pet project, now you want to get rich off of it, charging $80.00 for what was supposed to be Open Source Software… How is THAT going to get it into the hands on any but the rich? This is a filthy trick, and you should be very ashamed while enjoying all your “hard earned cash”
    I will NOT buy this, and I will blast it with every posting I can. The show is STILL airing on HULU as I write this, claiming, FREE! Either stop the misleading claims, or make them true. Heck, make two versions: A free for personal use, maybe with fewer bells and whistles, Er, features, like the ability to export to another version, and a deluxe version, which has all features. I tried, years ago, when I first saw that program with Alan Alda, to get the program ‘Hyperscore’ and it was totally unknown, not even the PBS website seemed to know what I was asking about. Now, I see it again, but although I can find links everywhere, there’s nothing ‘free’ about it. Even at half price, I’ll pass. We’ll just use Audacity, thanks very much. At least, it IS free, Open Source Software. It might not be a cool. But it works, and it IS genuinely free, with no come ons or gotchas. After this, I wouldn’t even take it free, not even from a torrent site, (I did find it on several) I won’t have it in my home. Use MY dollars, to enrich yourself? No thanks. I’ll keep the rest of my dollars in my pocket.

    • Thanks for posting your comment. I want to clear up some misunderstandings here:

      1) The Alan Alda Scientific American episode was from nearly a decade ago, when Hyperscore was in a prototype form as part of the Media Lab’s Toy Symphony Project. The free prototype may be available out on the Net, and if you can find and use it, that’s great. (Incidentally, the project was funded by corporate sponsors and foundations, not Federal grants.)

      2) Since then, the technology has been developed commercially, with significant upgrades and private (not tax payer) investment in years of software development and product support. This is not open source software. It was patented by M.I.T. and licensed by Harmonyline Music.

      3) We found investors to pay for the version 4 upgrade. We MUST charge something to cover the cost of engineering and customer support. Otherwise we would not be able to offer upgrades, continue to support customers, or pursue curriculum development and other projects to make Hyperscore available for education, therapeutic uses, etc.

      4) Audacity is a nice free tool. Hyperscore is entirely different, with algorithms based on very sophisticated, high-level understanding of composition.

      5) Subscribing to the blog is free. We never stated anywhere that the software is free. I’m sorry if you were confused on that point.

    • We would love to develop a Mac version. Easier said than done, but it’s something we hope to do some day. It’s worth noting that Hyperscore is an entirely different type of music software than any other music app out there.

  2. A Mac version would be VERY desirable. This has been a major impediment to using Hyperscore in courses I teach related to psychology of music (for which the program is very well suited).

    It would also be perfect for the iPad. perhaps the best excuse for buying one (talk to Apple about it — maybe they have some resources/support for porting programs to their machines — it would be in their business interest). We have considered it, but we have resisted buying a Windows machine just to run Hyperscore.

    In lieu of a Mac version, it would make a great deal of sense if you could at least report more on which VMWARE Fusion configurations have been found by users that successfully run it (even if you don’t support this yourselves). We are going to buy version 4.5 and try it under Fusion 5. I’ll report results when that comes to pass.

    • We’ve been dreaming of an iPad version of Hyperscore… In the meantime, we want to let you know that Hyperscore V4.5 does not run on the Mac operating system, but it does run on Intel Macs booted up with Windows using programs such as Parallels, Bootcamp, or VM Ware. Let us know how you make out using Fusion 5. Thanks!

  3. I would love to try a mac version. I just heard about this software on CBC radio. Congratulations! It sounds like a very dynamic, user friendly way for people to be musically creative.

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