We apologize for interrupted service

We are experiencing technical issues with the Hyperscore download site. Please bear with us while we address the problem. We apologize sincerely for any inconvenience.


3 thoughts on “We apologize for interrupted service

  1. Wow, thanks. I’m saying “wow” sarcastically, to myself, as irony has it I just discovered this today while watching your TED video and thinking to myself while reading this statement, “Oh, that’s great. Posted yesterday. Everything else is 2+ years back, but of course, since I wanted to try it out! Ha. I’ll be patient. As a musician or really just a creative and inventive mind who just so happens to have natural talents and passion in music, I really appreciated your TED and also thought this sounded awesome since #1: I was never conventional, and, #2: I’m all ear, no notes so instead of a basic notation program, this is completely different as it seems to allow the faculty of art and idea of turning art into music, etc. and so forth, if I even made sense.

  2. What’s up? Are you for real or not? I loved Hyperscore. I would definitely purchase it again – as I have twice before. I hope that you guys can bring it back!

    • We are back after a long hiatus, working on a re-configuration of our enterprise that will allow us to continue the development of Hyperscore. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement!

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