Hyperscore for the holidays

Give the gift of musical expression this holiday season by giving Hyperscore. The software is suitable for anyone between the ages of 5 and 105. Hyperscore’s innovative graphical annotation system puts music composing powers into the hands of anyone who can manipulate a mouse.

Here’s how to purchase Hyperscore as a gift:

  1. Purchase Hyperscore online.(Available for a limited time at the discounted price of $39! Just subscribe to this blog* and you will receive a discount code. Please enter this code when making your purchase.)
  2. You will received a link and purchase ID to download the software.
  3. Email the download link and purchase ID to your gift recipient!

Click here for minimum system requirements and FAQs

* You must subscribe using your email address. If you follow the blog via a WordPress account, we will not have a way to send you the discount code.


4 thoughts on “Hyperscore for the holidays

    • Hyperscore V4.5 does not run on the Mac operating system, but it does run on Intel Macs booted up with Windows using programs such as Parallels, Bootcamp, or VM Ware. Hope this helps!

  1. Really, really sad about the lack of a Mac version. Maybe I will eventually make arrangements to run Windows on my computer, but in the meantime… Super bummed. I’m kind of surprised, also; I’m a professional musician, and almost all of my colleagues use Macs. A lot of creatively inclined people do. Is there a reason Mac compatibility isn’t even a planned future release?

    • In a word, cost. We’re Mac people too, and the irony is not lost on us that we can’t play with Hyperscore on our own machines… This is the legacy of decisions made early on based on the market research done at the time. We’re actively looking for ways to develop a Mac version.

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