Introducing Hyperscore

Music software that lets anyone compose music. The first music software program designed to teach students and adults how to compose music simply by drawing lines on the screen. “The single coolest thing to happen to music ever,” enthuses Thomas O’Hara, 12, of West Genesee Middle School...


Hyperscore at the Symphony

Music written with Hyperscore allows people to express their unique personalities. The slightly anarchic, wry spirit of this Dublin teen comes through in this humorous piece. On the eve of its premiere by the Irish National Symphony Orchestra, the composer had not yet named the work. At the last minute, he proposed "Attack of the … Continue reading Hyperscore at the Symphony

Hyperscore at TED

Composer and MIT Media Lab professor Tod Machover is devoted to extending musical expression to everyone, from virtuosos to amateurs. In this TED talk, he describes the invention of Hyperscore and how it freed Dan Ellsey, a man trapped in a body afflicted with cerebral palsy, to discover his inner composer.